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School Aims and Values


In light of the Mission Statement the School aims to:

  • Begin the process of educating the whole person, integrating each child’s spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, cultural, aesthetic and physical development so that each one achieves his/her full potential and that fullness of life which God intended:  in this endeavour, to encourage a real interaction between home and school.
  • Pass on knowledge and understanding of the Roman Catholic Faith, uphold the Church’s teaching and values and make prayer, worship and liturgy a real experience and an integral part of school life.
  • Be a caring, courteous and disciplined community where relationships are formed and conducted according to Christ’s Law of Love.
  • Encourage the school as a whole and as part of a wider community, by contributing to appropriate activities (such as charitable projects, social, sporting and cultural activities), so that every child becomes more aware of his/her Christian responsibilities to society


  • All Saints is committed to nurturing and enhancing each child’s academic and social development.
  • The school seeks to treat and recognise the children as individuals, developing their talents through a broad range of curricular and extra-curricular activities, the aim being to prepare them thoroughly for their transition to Secondary school at the age of eleven.
  • All Saints is noted for its happy, caring environment. Socially, much emphasis is placed upon developing the children’s characters.
  • You are probably asking what makes us different from other schools.  The simple answer is: “our children” – young people of whom you can be proud, and who can be proud of themselves.
  • Visitors to All Saints are immediately struck by the friendly atmosphere of the school, the support that everyone gives to each other, and the fact that the children clearly enjoy life at school. Our children are encouraged to be confident enough to know their own talents, and develop a desire to live life to the full.

Our Vision for learning at All Saints