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School Aims and Values

Vision Statement and aims



  • Recognises that children succeed best in an atmosphere that is Caring, Sharing and Loving with the example of Christ at its centre.
  • Welcomes and cares for everyone, promoting strong links with and supported by home, parish and community.
  • Celebrates our achievements in all activities and recognises and rejoices in the talents of others.
  • Respects the uniqueness of each individual and caters for their particular needs.


 We aim to:

  • To create a caring Catholic Community in which the Catholic Faith is put into daily practice and in which Catholic Doctrine and Principles are explored.
  • To deliver the Curriculum through relevant differentiated and stimulating Topics of work which offer equal opportunity for self- improvement through the raising of standards allowing all to succeed.
  • To involve both the parents and the parish in the education of the children.
  • To foster positive attitudes to learning and self-development and to encourage high expectations.
  • To develop concerns for all and an understanding of how an individual’s actions affect others.
  • To promote a healthy and active life style.
  • To work with both Bishop Hedley high school and the community to ensure that the children are well prepared to continue the learning process.



We intend that our pupils achieve their full potential and become good members of the community by embracing, with us all, these values:

  • Telling the truth
  • Keeping our promises
  • Respecting the rights and properties of others
  • Acting considerately towards all living things
  • Helping those less fortunate and weaker than ourselves
  • Taking personal responsibility for our actions
  • Developing self-discipline


And at school :                                          

  • Being polite towards pupils and adults
  • Trying our best in everything we do
  • Respecting and caring for other people and their property
  • Being proud of our school and taking care of it
  • Being honest and truthful
  • Following the ways of Jesus