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School will reopen for Foundation Phase pupils on 22.02.2021 School opening details contact Data Protection law is changing. For more information and access to privacy notices outlining how the School handles your personal data, please go the data protection sections of the school's website.
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Meet the staff

Staff at All Saints (September 2019)


Headteacher: Mrs J. K. Jones

Deputy Headteacher Mr J. Price


Teaching Team

Ms F. Basini: Nursery

Mr D. Butler: Reception

Miss C. Mayo Year 1

Mrs D. Storey: Year 2

Mr A. Davies Year 3

Miss S. Powell Year 4

Mrs N Webb Year 5

Miss R. Meadows Year 6 (ALNco)



Teaching Support

Mrs N. Hayward       Miss L. Knapp

Mr R. Phillips            Mrs N. Davies

Mrs S. Lewis            Mrs K. Baker

Mrs C. Marshall        Miss J. McCloy

Mr B. Davies            Miss K. Evans

Miss C. Ware           Miss C.Fry

Miss R. Holl             Miss C. Fry


Administration: Mrs K Owen    Mrs N Davies

Catering: Mrs L. Trigg

Senior Lunchtime supervisor: Mrs T Whitehouse

Caretaker: Mr R Upham